Additional companies are successful in obtaining judicial measures (injunction) to suspend payment of taxes during the declared state of public calamity due to COVID-19

Several companies are challenging their tax obligations (payment of taxes due) during the declared state of public calamity and managed to obtain preliminary injunction to suspend payments of federal and state taxes for a period of 90 days.
In addition to the favorable preliminary injunction announced yesterday (proc. 1016660-71.2020.4.01.3400), the Federal Court of Campinas (proc. 5004087-09.2020.4.03.6105 of the 6th Federal Court) has granted an injunction, in favor of another taxpayer, to extend the due date of federal taxes administered by the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil to the last business day of the third month following this month.
The Federal Court of Araçatuba (proc. 5000689-48.2020.4.03.6107 of the 1st Federal Court) has also granted an injunction to guarantee a deferral for the payment of federal taxes, yet under the condition that the taxpayer presents formal declaration to maintain about 1,500 jobs during the period of the declared state of public calamity.
The Federal Court of Sorocaba (proc. 5002358-30.2020.4.03.6110 of the 2nd Federal Court), has, in its turn, partially granted an injunction to determine the postponement of the due dates for the employer’s social security contributions due in March and April 2020 until the last working day of June 2020.

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