Quinquennal Census Brazilian Central Bank

From 1 July 2021, Brazilian companies may start to electronically submit with the Central Bank of Brazil (“Bacen“) the 2021 Declaration on the Quinquennial Census of Foreign Capital regarding the year 2020.

Who shall submit the Quinquennial Census:

legal entities headquartered in Brazil that, on the base date 31 December 2020, have direct foreign investments of any amount in their capital stock;
investment funds with non-resident shareholders, on the base date 31 December 2020; and
legal entities headquartered in Brazil with total outstanding short-term credits (due within 360 days) granted by non-residents in an amount equal to or greater than USD 1 million, on the base date 31 December 2020. For this purpose, the exchange rate of the base date shall be considered to be USDn1.00 = BRL 5.1961.


The Quinquennial Census declaration must be submitted to Bacen before 16 August 2021.


The Quinquennial Census declaration covers information on economic and accounting matters, corporate structure, voting rights and liabilities to foreign creditors. Bacen will disclose statistics based on the Quinquennial Census declarations in summarized form only, which means that the confidentiality of individual declarations will be preserved.


Failure to provide the information or the provision of false, incomplete or incorrect information may result in penalties.

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